The first step is for you to refine your vision of your personalized portrait by asking yourself the following questions:  Who will be the subject of the portrait?  What makes them unique and defines their personality or passions?  Should it be formal or more casual in clothing and pose?  Will the subject have any time to pose for a live session, or would photographs be more appropriate?  Where will the portrait hang, and what dimensions fit that space the best?  What kind of frame would fit the environment best?  Do I want Connie to handle the framing, or do I want to take the work to a framer myself.  How much am I looking to spend?  Do I require a time-frame for completion? 

You do not have to have all these answers before reaching out to me for the first time, but be thinking about them.  I will send you a questionnaire in response.


Our conversation

After you return your questionnaire, we will have a conversation in person or over the phone.  This is our time to get to know each other better.  We will discuss your ideas and develop a plan for your portrait.  If the subject of the portrait is other than you (the purchaser), then they should be included in the planning stage as well…unless, of course, it’s your dog.

After our conversation, I will consider your request and decide whether or not to take on your project.  I will only accept if I feel that I am able to create a quality portrait that will both (1.) fulfill your vision and (2.) fit with my artistic style.  I will follow up with an email.

Please review “Sample Contract” and “Sample Model Release Form,” found in the drop-down list under “Commission a Portrait” in the menu bar of my website, so you will be familiar with the forms involved.  Based on our discussion, if I decide to take on your request, I will draw up a written agreement and send you a copy.  If the commission agreement is acceptable to you, and the model (or the legal guardians of the model) accept the terms in the release form, then return all signed paperwork along with a 50% non-refundable deposit.

After I have received those items, we will schedule a sitting/photography session.


The sitting

This is the fun part!  A painting sitting and/or photography session will occur at your home or a studio setting.  We will experiment with various poses, angles, and other elements.  During this, I will be able to get a feel for their personality and characteristics.  We can review the photos together and work out the composition.  If possible, I would like to do sketches and/or a small color study from life to take accurate notes of skin and hair tones.  The photos and the sketches will assist me in the completion of your final portrait.  If you are purchasing a “portrait sketch,” as opposed to a traditional polished portrait, the portrait sketch will be primarily painted directly during 1 or 2 sittings, with possible final tweaks that I will apply back in the studio.


There are certain instances in which the portrait must be done from photos you already possess.  Please be aware that any photos taken by a professional photographer is usually copyright protected, and I am not allowed to use them unless we can obtain written permission from that photographer allowing me to use it for my purposes.

Although a portrait sitting is preferable, it may not be feasible for the model to do so.  If you wish to take the photos yourself, I will coach you on technique for the best results.


Once the photos and sketches are complete, I will take them back to my studio and work on your final portrait.  With my many years of portraiture experience and training to guide me, I will put my heart into giving you my best work, pursuing an excellent likeness within a beautiful painting.  I use panel supports, which minimizes flexion of the surface and better protects the oil paint as it cures over the years to come.  I only paint with the highest quality oil colors with excellent lightfast ratings, so that your portrait will remain vibrant.  I am more than happy to email progress photos if you desire, and I will appreciate any feedback from you. 

my promise

A portrait can take 3-6 months to paint, depending on the complexity, and may need some weeks after that to dry enough for safe delivery or framing.  Final payment is due upon completion of the portrait, and before delivery. 

I am happy to handle framing and shipping at cost.


Questions?  Interested?  Please click on the button below,  or call 317-939-3119 and leave a voice mail with the following essential information:  Your name, your phone number, your email address, your residential address, what you are envisioning for your portrait, and any questions you may have.