Head & Shoulders (Child)  approx. 20x16 inches   $720

Head & Shoulders (Adult)  approx. 24x20 inches   $880

Head & Hands (1/2 Figure Child) approx. 30x24 inches   $1080

Head & Hands (1/2 Figure Adult) approx. 36x30 inches   $1320

3/4 Child approx. 36x24 inches   $1200

3/4 Adult approx. 40x30 to 48x36 inches   $1850

Full Standing Child approx. 48x30 inches   $1850

Full Standing Adult approx. 72x40 inches   $2800  

Additional figures within the portrait is extra.

Background elements beyond a chair is extra.

Posthumous portraits are extra, and the photo reference must be of adequate quality.

Inquire for quotes.


8x10 inches   $198

12x12 inches   $264

11x14 inches   $275

16x20 inches   $396

Inquire for quotes on other sizes or additional critters.